From Partners & Clients


"Tinna's expertise in employee and management relations has helped government entities, corporate and small businesses become productive and efficient organizations.  Her skills in strategically auditing the needs of business and providing the teaching tools for management to build teams and achieve optimum results have created successful procedures for all groups."   - Sonia Joya, Joya & Partners

"When I was Chief Operating Officer of Equal Justice Works, I had the great pleasure of working with Tinna Jackson.  Tinna is a highly experienced executive with deep competencies in business transformation through strategic talent management and organizational development.  She brings “spot on” insights, humility, trust, open communication and solid experience to make a real difference for leaders and the organizations they serve.  I have seen her work in a wide variety of non-profit and corporate settings.  She’s intuitive, adaptable, deliberate and passionate about people leadership as a key driver of organizational success.  I am a better leader for our collaboration and the work we accomplished together." - Jeanne Van Vlandren 

"I needed someone to partner with me for a very challenging management retreat.  I say challenging because this 10-person management team lacked respect and trust for one another.  Tinna's approach with this group was intense and methodical, which led to them getting to the root cause of their issues. Following this difficult portion of the retreat, the team was able to find common ground, collaborate and begin developing a strategic plan.  I cannot thank Tinna enough for partnering with me to help my client's team become more productive." - John Short

From Coaching Clients


"Ms. Jackson was instrumental in assisting me when I was in a professional rut.  I hated my job!  She worked with me for several months and helped me shift my focus from where I was to how far I have come and where I wanted to go.  Without Ms. Jackson's sound advice and support, I would not be a Senior VP for a Fortune 500 company." - M. Harrison

"I was in the running for a promotion, and I just knew that I wasn't going to get it.  One conversation with Tinna Jackson changed my way of thinking.  Her support gave me the confidence I needed to promote my accomplishments and remind my boss of why he hired me.  I received the promotion to Chief Protocol Officer and I couldn't be happier!  - T. Princeton